Students Received Fake Offer Letter From West Bengal Government

CBI arrested the former president of WBBSE Kalyanmoy Ganguly in the SSC case. It’s now breaking news, Bengalis have their eyes on the television screen for now. Some are excited, some are terrified. But in the midst of all this, a big breaking news was buried tactically.

The fake recruitment letter distributed by the state government under “Utkarsh Bangla” scheme could have been big breaking news, but couldn’t make it.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee announced in several meetings that through the Utkarsh Bangla project, thousands of offer letter for various jobs will be handed over to the youth from the technical background. Accordingly, on September 12, job seekers from different districts of the state were loaded into buses and taken to Kolkata’s Netaji Indoor Stadium. It was said that the Chief Minister will hand over the offer letter to them.

From the stage, the Chief Minister said to the job seekers, “Those who have received the job letter in their email, have you received it?” Then the Chief Minister said again, “Who has received the letter so far with Utkarsh Bangla’s logo?” Then she spoke to an officer and said, “Oh, the letter will go today.”

By that time, the audience had started howling. After a short discussion with the leaders and officials sitting on the dais, the Chief Minister said, “Well, there is no confusion. Many have already got it, they have also joined, and I have all the placement list of those who have not yet. They will start getting it from today.” Here is the video of exactly what the Chief Minister said on September 12.

According to the sources, on that day the job seekers were told that the offer letter will be handed over while returning by bus; but it was not given. After that, 107 candidates of Hooghly district were called and informed that offer letter needs to be collected from Hooghly Institute of Technology, a engineering college under Department Technical Education. A PDF file was sent to everyone’s mobile through WhatsApp.

The very next day, many of them arrived at Hooghly Institute of Technology to collect the offer letter. As per the offer letter handed over to them, they are shortlisted by Funfirst Global Skillers Private Limited for a two-year Vehicle technical training programme at Maruti Suzuki Company in Gujarat with monthly stipend of ₹11,000 during the tenor. The course fee will be borne by Suzuki Motors Gujarat Pvt Ltd. However, the final selection for training will be done only after health check up and document verification.

The letter was signed by an official named Mr. Vedprakash Singh along with his contact nos. By calling that number, job seekers came to know that this letter is fake a one. Vedprakash Singh says,

“Look, I want to make one thing clear to you. The offer letter you are talking about is fake. I am repeating, it is fake. However, I am speaking from Funfirst company. It is true. We have ITI training program with Suzuki company in Gujarat. That too is correct. This offer letter typically goes in my name with my contact number printed on it as I am the center manager here. Everything is fine. But, in this case, our offer letter is drafted in masterfully ‘Galat Tarika! Someone done the mischief!”

Siddharth Kacker, on behalf of FunFirst, said that they came to know the matter only last night. They did not give any such letter. They have nothing to do with the West Bengal government. The matter has already been informed by mail to the concerned government officials.

The organization also said that they have trained candidates from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. But no one from West Bengal has taken the training so far. The way the company’s pad is used makes it clear that it’s fake. After this incident, the students who got the offer letter are in a panic.

On query, Hooghly District Magistrate P Deepa said, “The matter shall be investigated”

Minakshi Mukherjee

CPI(M) leader Minakshi Mukherjee lashed out against the government in this incident. She said,

“The Chief Minister is not able to run the state. She should not have done this with youth job aspirants.”

Government officials or spoke person of the party in power will say, call a special number, which could be either “Didi ke bolo” or “Ek Daake Abhishek” or something else.

Presently, many private hospitals don’t accept health card “Swastha Sathi”, but the government is keeping silent. Without trying to save lives of thousands of poor people government is handing out phone numbers to the people to call when they are in distress. This situation is unlikely to be resolved.

By now we all have come to know that the offer letters handed out were out and out fake. Full with fake promises made to the thousands of unemployed youths. But one can’t speak against the government or its policies. The journalists without asking questions to the government are playing into their tunes. Then elections will come. Again there will be blank hoaxes and promises like “double double job opportunities” for the youths and people will again vote for them in millions.

The government will push forward one project after another; the media will give full coverage and credit to the government; and you will not get any idea of shortcomings of those government sponsored schemes/programs. If any media houses raises its voice against it they will be termed as anti-development, maligning the image of the government, spreading “negative news” etc. .

Several years ago, there was a catchphrase in Bengal, “Shut Up! The government is running.” Since then, many have remained silent, may out of fear, some out of devotion.

Even if the private job offer from the government platform can be accepted, a serious issue like handing out fake employment letter do not reach the people of Bengal because of the inefficiency and extreme obedience of the corporate media to spread “positive news”. It’s a shame. But those who are not ashamed, are they getting it?

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